Why Didn’t I Start Doing This Ages Ago?

by Celestia

Greetings, friends!

My name is Celestia. I like yoga. And writing. And food. And meditating. And lots of other things.

This is my soapbox, ahem,  portal to muse about how the aforementioned activities (among others), are helping me to find my best, happiest, most well balanced Self. The “Big S” Self, not the “little s” self. The Divine expression of “Self” who shouts from the bell towers to live freely and deeply, and to be present in every moment. Not the one who mopes on the couch eating ho-hos and watching daytime television, wasting precious time….(er, not that I’ve ever done that…)

I’ve been practicing yoga on an off for about 12 years, mostly on for the last 7. But last year I had the great fortune to take a yoga teacher training. And it changed my life. Not like those cheesy stories you hear about the new kitchen appliance that makes cooking more navigable, but like, holy sh*t, there really is more to life than sitting, waiting, for something amazing to unfold.

Thanks to yoga, I’m getting to the grit of it. And I’m super excited to share any and all of my findings with you.

If something strikes a chord, resonates, or pisses you off, shakes you up, or stirs your stew pot, I want to hear it. If you can relate to wanting something more, something deeper, than “normal” life, then let’s explore this together.

Hope this finds you well.

“You get there by realizing you are already there.”

-Eckhart Tolle