A Spoonful of My Own Medicine

by Celestia

Sometimes listening to yourself is the best medicine. (I have to remember that too…)

During one of my private yoga sessions this week, I had a beautiful moment of clarity. We were practicing yoga in the park and I heard myself saying, “Meet yourself wherever you are in this moment.” Of course this instruction was directed to help my client deepen into a pose. I often offer this simple verbal queue to help each person gauge where they are in mind, body, and spirit, to allow their yoga practice to gently coax them into equilibrium. (That’s the whole point of practicing yoga, right? To re-unite and come back to your wholeness?)

But in this moment, I heard these words as if for the first time. And I was saying them to myself. And something in me let go, allowing me to meet myself exactly where I was: body tired from training for a half marathon, mind tired from juggling work and domestic duties, craving a moment of peace and stillness to anoint my jagged nerves.

In the blink of an eye, I was freed from my habitual tendency to push through exhaustion and fatigue, and unfold into that glimpse of relaxation, letting muscles and bones melt into the pose, breath to soften and slow, and remember that letting go of our need to “do” can be more powerful and beneficial than holding on and powering through something only to move on to the next thing. The next pose. The next meeting. The next task…

Why is it so difficult to allow ourselves these moments of calm? Are we products of our society, which tells us to, “go, go, go!” until we are forced to stop via injury or mental breakdown? Sometimes less really is more. When we feel overwhelmed or exhausted, why not ask ourselves what is absolutely necessary to “do” or “be” in any given moment, and let the rest unfold as it may? Of course we still have responsibilities. No shortage of them. But what a gift to give ourselves a hint of breathing room. To surround our duties with a little padding so that we may live with a bit more ease, and in turn experience better mental and physical health.

It is a powerful practice to remind ourselves that this is all we ever have. This moment. This body. Right here and now. And to allow ourselves to be exactly who and how we need to be in this moment. Who knows, you just might get a glimpse of your own divinity, who is always there, glimmering away in those moments of ripe stillness.

May you allow yourself to tap into your being’s inherent ability to bring itself back into perfect balance.


“You get there by realizing that you are already there.”
-Eckert Tolle