Life’s a Peach

by Celestia


Ah, the peach…The essence of summertime. Happy to have learned a way to preserve some for those freezing cold January nights!

Learning How to Savor and Preserve Life’s Sweet Moments

Autumn steadily approaches and summer’s delights are making room for the fall flavors. But who says we can’t preserve a few sweet treats for those long, cold nights? Matt, our local fruit stand guy, told me how to freeze whole peaches so we can taste their sweetness long after the frosts come. I froze a few bags full, and look forward to trying them come winter. But get them while you can! Once they’re gone, we won’t get another chance to enjoy the freshies ’til next summer. Enjoy!


1. Let whole, unblemished peaches ripen.

2. Rinse off fuzz and towel dry.

3. Place peaches in a plastic bag. (I used the vacuum seal variety, but you can use a regular zip-lock.)

4. When ready to use, remove the desired number of peaches from the bag, run cold water over frozen peach and slip off the skin.

5. Microwave for 10 to 15 seconds. (I don’t like microwaves much, so will see how allowing them to thaw naturally works…will keep you posted.)

6. Use peaches as desired: for cereal or yogurt toppings, pie or cobbler, or just as is.

7. Let me know how it goes!

Lots of little peaches, all snuggly in their airtight ziplock freezer bags.


One Swedish-made pe…ahem…peach pump. This handy gadget sucks the air out of the ziplock bag to ensure the peaches don’t get freezer burn…but it TOTALLY looks like something out of Austin Powers. 🙂