Stay Well Lemon Ginger Honey Tea

by Celestia

Ginger Tea

A tasty elixir to keep you healthy and warm this cold and flu season. Thank you, Molly Watson, for the lovely photo.

Feel a chill, stuffy nose, or sore throat coming on? Nip it in the bud with some homemade lemon ginger honey tea. Ginger is naturally heating, so will warm you from the core and help break up any chest congestion. The steam, honey, and ginger will help clear your sinuses, and the lemon, ginger, and honey will soothe a sore or scratchy throat. Add a drop of doTerra lemon essential oil for and extra boost to the immune system. Stay well and enjoy!


1-inch piece ginger root, peeled

1 large strip lemon rind, thoroughly washed

2-3 cups water

4 Tbs. cup honey, or more to taste

1 lemon, juiced

*Optional: Add 1 drop of doTerra Lemon essential oil for an added healthful kick!


Slice the ginger into “coin” slices.

Heat the ginger, lemon rind, and water to a boil in small pot.

Allow to boil for 5-15 minutes.

Add lemon juice and honey to hot water and transfer to a tea pot or pour into mugs.